Homelessness & Poverty

Sarah K Reece

There’s an interesting conversation going on over on Amanda Palmer’s blog about the difference between asking and begging. They’re talking about it from the perspective of the relationship between artists and fans, crowd funding vs labels and agents, which interests me a great deal as an artist, but I’m also interested in the ideas as a person who’s been homeless.

Homelessness is one of the most screwed up, misunderstood, pervasive mess of a thing in our world. It’s a monster we don’t really even begin to understand. It’s something I’m wrestling with as I try to make life decisions about housing. It’s changed me in ways I’m still coming to terms with. I’ve never slept rough but I’ve run from violence. My girlfriend Rose has done both, first on the streets at 13. I’ve slept in shelters, on couches, in my car, and lived in a caravan park. There’s…

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